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Compelling video game viral video has the ‘Right’ stuff

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Megaman 'Goes right'

Why do Mario, Link, Pitfall Harry, Samus, Kirby, the Prince of Persia, Megaman, Sonic, and a thousand other video game heroes and heroines keep running from left to right, dodging fireballs, leaping over lava, bouncing off the heads of deadly foes, and braving bottomless chasms?

Well, what else are they going to do?

Viral videographer RockyPlanetesimal has captured the essence of innumerable side-scrolling adventures in a brilliant little opus called 'Go right.'  A collection of seamlessly-edited platform gameplay clips, scored with driving music by Michael Nyman, the video attains a hypnotic quality.

On one level, you'll just have fun spotting the games (they span decades, from 1982's 'Pitfall' to 2008's 'Braid').  On another level, you might be surprised how much you're moved by the pixilated characters' relentless running.  The video resonates with something fundamental in the human psyche — the determination to keep moving forward in spite of everything.

You can watch 'Go right' on Youtube.

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