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Creepy new ‘Alien’ game announced, doesn’t look terrible

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Run. (Credit: Sega)

No matter how hard you brush, it’s difficult to get the taste of crushing disappointment out of your mouth. Just ask the legions of 'Alien' fans who dutifully lined up to play last year’s awful Aliens: Colonial Marines, the buggy, glitchy mess Sega and Gearbox tried to pass off as the Next Big Thing in the masterful sci-fi franchise. Good thing The Last of Us was there as mouthwash.

But despite the Colonial Marines debacle, the ‘Alien’ series is still ripe territory for great gaming. It’s been done brilliantly before (see: Aliens vs. Predator) and certainly warrants another try.

Which brings us to today’s surprise news from Sega, who have teamed up with The Creative Assembly to create the horror game Alien: Isolation. And based on the trailer, it actually looks good. Really good:

Set 15 years after Ridley Scott's 1979 film, the game lets you play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda, out to discover the truth behind mom’s disappearance. Sadly she can’t just Google it -- instead, Amanda follows the trail of the Nostromo (the ship in the original film) to a decommissioned trading station in the middle of nowhere, and things quickly get gross. But forget fragging a million Aliens -- the game instead channels the original film by featuring one very nasty monster doing equally nasty things to very panicky people.

Worth getting excited over? We say it is, despite how brutally we were all stung by Colonial Marines. The game’s set for release in late 2014 on both Xboxes, both PlayStations and the PC, so it’s still a ways out. Call us cautiously optimistic. Game’s not over yet.

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