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Critics battle over PC, console versions of ‘Battlefield 3′

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How do you take down a game like Call of Duty? Record-breaking launch after record-breaking launch has propelled Activision's epic shooter franchise into an unrivalled number-one spot — which is exactly where rival publisher EA wants to sit.

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Battlefield 3 (EA)


So this year, EA is taking the first shot with Battlefield 3, which releases a good two weeks in advance of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Boasting a flashy, best-in-class engine and a huge marketing blitz, Battlefield 3 appeared on shelves this week accompanied by a slew of glowing reviews for the PC versions, but a curious lack of comment on its accompanying Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 releases.

That's a break from the usual editorial routine, which typically ranks the PC versions of cross-platform games as an afterthought to the consoles. The reason? If you believe the scuttlebutt, publisher EA only sent out early console review copies to a handful of critics, and made a bunch of tweaks and bug-fixes to the game in a patch that only went live the moment the game launched.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the PC version is scoring better than its console siblings. Lots better. A tight field of excellent PC scores currently puts its average at a tremendous 92%, well ahead of the 82% critics have thus far awarded the Xbox 360 version.

Why the difference? The PC version is bigger, for one thing. In multiplayer, it supports up to 64 players, whereas on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 it's limited to 24 at a time and has scaled-down maps to suit the lower headcount. If you have the PC to meet its steep system requirements, it's an absolutely stunning-looking game. In short, it's a game that was written with a potent gaming PC in mind, and then scaled down for consoles, and that's a rare thing these days.

On all its platforms, though, reviewers universally lean towards the multiplayer portion of the game. Battlefield 3's single-player and co-op campaigns come in for indifference at best, and outright unpleasantness at worst.

"This portion of the game," says 1UP in what's otherwise a glowing write-up, "really is a round of terrorist whack-a-mole, just like Call of Duty. You'll face an unending wave of brain-dead suicidal terrorists until you manage to inch your way up to whatever checkpoint controls enemy spawning, take a few seconds' break, and do the whole thing all over again. It's not bad, but it is frankly uninspired."

Contrast that with IGN's Peter Eykemans waxing lyrical on the PC game's expansive multiplayer.

"From the beaches of Kharg Island to the hills of Damavand Peak, Battlefield 3's multiplayer maps provide an immediate sense of scale. Everything about their design screams size, personalization, and the need to take creative initiative to succeed....Battlefield 3's multiplayer is about the freedom of choice."

Calling the game "an absolutely massive experience," Gamespy falls broadly in line with IGN's praise.

"It's the explosive multiplayer mode that makes this the must-have FPS of the year," say writers B. Ring and M. Sharkey . "There's simply no other shooter that lets you wage war on a scale this huge, but even better is the infinite number of satisfying ways to lay the hurt down on your opponents."

So whether or not you should buy Battlefield 3 depends entirely on what sort of gamer you are. Have a top-flight gaming PC and love an engrossing multiplayer challenge? For you, this is a Game of the Year contender. Prefer to play on consoles and don't care much for multiplayer? Unless you're a committed Battlefield fan, we'd suggest waiting just two short weeks until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits. The war is on.

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