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Plugged In

Critics, shmitics: More Duke Nukem is coming

Plugged In

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The King is back, again (Take 2 Interactive)

It took more than 12 years for Duke Nukem Forever to see the light of day, but the wait for expansion packs may wind up being less than 12 weeks.

Take-Two and Gearbox Software have announced that the first downloadable content for the long-anticipated but critically-derided shooter will be out this fall.

And in true Duke style, he's taking aim at the kings of the FPS hill.

Dubbed the "Hail to the Icons Parody Pack," the add-on will feature three new game modes and four multiplayer maps, poking fun at Call of Duty, Team Fortress and Doom in the process.

The fact that there's DLC for DNF isn't really a surprise. It's standard issue in today's gaming world, and Gearbox has been quite clear that they intend to make more Duke Nukem games moving forward.

What is a bit surprising is the reaction of the gaming community.

Even though critics piled on to Duke Nukem Forever, giving its various versions a Metacritic score of between 48-54, players ignored those warnings and bought it in droves. The game was the second best selling title in June -- behind only L.A. Noire -- selling just under 328,000 copies across all platforms at retail. (Digital sales figures are not available.) Those aren't Call of Duty numbers, but they aren't chicken scratch, either.

Unfortunately for the game's makers, the initial excitement has seemingly started to wear off.

"They have a lot of cheek trying to make fun of contemporary games considering they did their level best to copy them all and still [screwed] it up," said commenter arioch on Shacknews.

Take Two and Gearbox haven't committed to a date for the DLC, and they're not talking price yet either. The most die-hard of Duke fans, though -- the ones who joined the "First Access Club" before the release of Duke Nukem Forever -- will get the content for free. Hard to bash that.

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