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Plugged In

New Deus Ex game won’t work on jailbroken devices

Plugged In

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Jailbroken phone, broken game.

Planning on playing Deus Ex: The Fall on your iPhone or iPad? Make sure your iDevice isn't jailbroken.

Players of the recently released action game who happen to have jailbroken phones and tablets are finding quite a surprise: their guns have been disabled. Considering how often you need to shoot things in the game, that can be somewhat debilitating.

The feature, which was first brought to light by a Reddit user, is apparently an anti-piracy measure put in place by publisher Square Enix. Players become aware of it at the beginning of the game's shooting tutorial when a message reading "We are sorry, but you can't fire on jailbroken devices" appears.

Jailbroken devices, while not illegal, are able to play illegally downloaded apps. The process unlocks functionality that's not intended for the end user and voids an iOS device's warranty, but is still a very common practice.

As a result, it's becoming more and more common for app developers to attempt to circumvent jailbroken devices as app piracy continues to rise. Apple hasn't spoken recently about the financial effects of piracy on the App Store, but in 2010, an analyst's report found that app developers had lost over $450 million to piracy, with over 3 billion apps illegally downloaded.

Game makers have become quite creative in punishing pirates. Earlier this month, the creators of Game Dev Tycoon included a feature in the code that automatically bankrupt anyone who attempted to play with a pirated copy of the game.

Of course, not all owners of jailbroken devices are pirates. Deus Ex, however, isn't taking any chances.

On the other hand, the lack of gunplay on jailbroken devices could simply prove to be an added challenge for hardcore fans of the game. After all, Deus Ex is a game that's possible to complete without killing, knocking out or harming anyone. Maybe this is just ‘Hard’ mode?

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