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Dino eyes are watching you in this creepy illusion

Plugged In

One of the simplest of all illusions is also one of the most eerily convincing.

It’s called the Hollow-Face Illusion, and it’s based on the human brain’s bias for seeing a concave (pushed-in) face as convex (pushed-out). Walk around such a face and, as long as your brain remains blissfully unaware of its concavity, the eyes will seem to follow you.

Video illusionist Brusspup has taken one of the most famous such illusions (called the ‘Gatherings for Gardner’ Dragon, as it debuted at an event hosted in honor of legendary Scientific American puzzle maven Martin Gardner) and given it his own personal twist. He’s turned the dragon into a T-Rex, multiplied it, supersized it, and videotaped the whole thing – with a decidedly unnerving effect.

You can see more of Brusspup’s illusions on his YouTube channel.

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