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Disgusting Christmas “Tinner” offers a time-saving alternative for gamers

Plugged In

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Christmas in a can (Credit: GAME)

For gamers who want to enjoy all the traditional components of a Christmas dinner and don't mind doing so in the most disgusting, least appetizing way possible, we present...Christmas Tinner, the Christmas dinner in a can.

Those with sensitive tummies should stop reading now, because this one will haunt your nightmares. There's just no other way to describe a tin can that comes with nine layers of food, one on top of the other.

Pop open the can, and you're greeted with a top layer of scrambled eggs and bacon. But wait, there's more! Below that resides some fruity mincemeat.

Still with us? Good, because it's time for the main course: turkey and potatoes, plus carrots and other side dishes, including gravy, cranberry sauce, and Brussels sprouts or broccoli, depending on your preference. (Apparently, some people who eat Christmas Tinners will draw the line at Brussels sprouts.) At the bottom of the can is your dessert/reward/finish line — Christmas pudding.

What cruel fiend could possibly come up with such a diabolical concept? British video game retailer GAME is selling the cans to its customers after research suggested that nearly 50 percent of UK gamers intend to spend the majority of the holidays playing video games, according to Nintendo Life.

The Daily Mail reports that the Christmas Tinner is undergoing a trial period at the GAME store in Basingstoke, England. If the demand is high enough (?!?), other stores may stock the meal as well.

You have been warned.

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