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Distorted furniture looks like a glitch

Plugged In

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Good Vibrations storage unit (Credit: Ferruccio Laviani/Fratelli Boffi)

Do not adjust your monitor.

This hand-carved wooden piece is the work of furniture designer Ferruccio Laviani, and yes, it’s supposed to be doing that to your eyes. It’s called the “Good Vibrations” storage unit, for obvious reasons.

Laviani, who works for Italian design house Fratelli Boffi, relies on his background in architecture to craft his whimsical designs, though how he managed to craft something this simultaneously awesome and hard to look at is beyond us:

“Echoes of faraway places and Oriental elements are glimpsed in the 'disorienting' design of this storage unit, which seems to have been 'deformed' by a strong jolt or by swaying movements,” explains design website Mocovote. “Although it appears to depart from the aesthetics of the past, in fact it draws upon ancient knowledge in the use of carving and fine wood workmanship.”

It’s also begging for an adjustment dial. How could you not slap this thing with your hand every day trying to get it to stop glitching?

The piece is just part of his next collection, set to debut at the 2013 Furniture Exhibition.

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