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What does Mario have in store for the 3DS?

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Jumping into 3D

When Nintendo announced Super Mario was on the way to the 3DS in March, the company didn't offer a lot of details.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's global president, tossed out a logo (which had a tail), showed a few screen shots and said we'd hear more at E3. It was a frustrating tease for fans.

Now, the man who invented Mario is spilling a few more beans.

Shigeru Miyamoto tells Edge the new game is "a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario on N64. It won't convey the message if I talk to you today, but if you play it at E3 that will give you more understanding of what I'm talking about."

Miyamoto also confirmed that the game is coming this year -- meaning the 3DS's soft lineup of launch games will be supplemented by both a Zelda and a Mario title by the time the holidays roll around, which should give it an additional boost at retail.

Oh, and that tail in the logo? Mario fans quickly began speculating that it meant the return of the popular raccoon suit from Super Mario Bros. 3. Looks like they were right, as Miyamoto confirmed that the appendage "is what you think it is." In other words, here comes Tanooki!

The development team behind the still-untitled game is the same group who had made the Super Mario Galaxy games, both of which earned rave reviews on the Wii.

And while the 3DS's 3D effect has had mixed reviews (Entertainment Weekly called the device "a sure-fire headache machine"), it probably isn't a big surprise that those same effects will be a major component in the game.

"For example, the floors floating in space: in 2D it's difficult to judge the distance, but in 3D it's really easy," Miyamoto explained.

Expect more details and a flood of previews in early June.

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