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Double-o dud: Critics unimpressed with new Bond video game

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By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzzlog

The upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall" is getting strong early buzz. If only the same could be said for 007 Legends, a multi-platform video game hitting stores this week. Early reviews are in, and according to the experts, this Bond is more zero than hero.

IGN gives 007 Legends a score of 4.5 out of 10 and calls it a "poor man's Call of Duty." One of the game's big problems, according to reviewer Tristan Ogilvie, is its tendency to modernize classic Bond moments.

For example, a gamer can play though a mission from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," but, despite the film having taken place in 1969, Bond is equipped with a smart phone that he can use to take photos. Might not sound like a big thing, but these small problems add up until we get, in Ogilvie's words, a game that is "barely recognizable as a Bond experience, much less a tribute to the series' proud history."

Game Informer is even less generous. Reviewer Dan Ryckert gives the Activision title a 4.0 out of 10. The concept, he jokes, was apparently "draw inspiration from the James Bond films, and then make the terrible." Even worse, Ryckert argues, the game feels broken. "It's a bad game when it's working, but there are plenty of moments that make you wonder how it even got cleared for release," he writes.

One of those problematic moments? The game's ending  -- or lack thereof, according to Games Radar, who call the campaign's abrupt finish "unforgivable."

"It's a game filled with occasional highs and frequent lows -- and you'll be thrown between them so quickly and haphazardly that you'll be lucky to make it through 007 Legends without whiplash," writes Hollander Cooper in a 2.5/5 review.

Gaming Trend is a bit more forgiving. Awarding the game a 69/100, reviewer Ron Burke credits the game's character models, voice work and nostalgia value. And multiplayer isn't without its charms. "The modes are cool, the effort is commendable," he writes. Still, there could have been more. "My biggest complaint with 007 Legends is that it lets you see the best part of our favorite Bond movies, but doesn't let us play them."

Actually, not playing is probably the right move here. Currently averaging a distinctly un-legendary 49 at Metacritic, this spy just isn't getting the love.

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