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DS is U.S.’s best-selling console ever, says Nintendo

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DS: king

It's no secret that Nintendo's DS is something of a hit with consumers, but at the end of last year it crossed its biggest milestone yet.

Figures released today indicate over 47 million DS consoles have sold in the U.S. since its November 2004 debut, which -- according to Nintendo -- is good enough to make it the country's best-selling video game system of all time. The last sales numbers we saw on Sony's Playstation 2, the former record-holder, put it at 50 million units across all of North
America in 2009.

Nintendo also managed to find a positive spin on its declining Wii sales: the
console posted its third consecutive year of sales in excess of 7
million, a feat Nintendo says has been "never before accomplished in the
history of video games by a home console."

The fun's not over for the DS, either: this March will see the U.S. release
of the platform's fifth iteration, the 3DS, which will include screens
capable of generating stereoscopic 3D images without the need for
special glasses.


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