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E3 2012′s Hottest Trailers

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Want to see which video games are going to be hot property this holiday season? You're in the right place.

This week the annual E3 video games trade show takes place in Los Angeles -- and that means it's a week of big news. It means product announcements like Microsoft's intriguing SmartGlass, it means we're seeing all the latest details on the Wii U's software lineup, but most of all, it means lots and lots of flashy, hype-filled new trailers to enjoy.

From Halo 4 to the latest Mario game, here's ten of the best from the show's opening day.

Halo 4

This hot-off-the-presses Halo 4 trailer might kick off with a pleasant Star Trek-style vibe, but don't  be fooled. Before long it's all crashing spaceships, ancient evils reawakening, and the no doubt dramatic returning of series kingpin Master Chief, after a five-year absence. It's good to see him back.

New Super Mario Brothers U

What would a new Nintendo console be without a new Super Mario Brothers? It'd be nothing, that's what. Fortunately, the Wii U ain't nothing, and here's the brand new trailer of the brand new New Super Mario Bros. U to prove it.

Madden 13

EA Sports calls it "the most impressive version of Madden ever," but then they would say that, wouldn't they? Take a look at this all-new teaser and make up your own mind. Long on style and short on details -- there's no mention of the sweet-looking Kinect play-calling features, for example -- it's still bound to be the best football game on the field this year.
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The Last Of Us

Hot from developing the enormously successful Uncharted series, Santa Monica studio Naughty Dog is striking out into fresh pastures. And although "fresh" perhaps isn't the right word for The Last Of Us's post-apocalyptic setting, it sure is the right word for this dramatic, cinematic gameplay. We like.


Could this be the Wii Sports of the Wii U? Family friendly, multiplayer, and easy to play, it'll tap a slew of classic Nintendo franchises -- including Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Animal Crossing -- to give us all a fun-packed intro to the console's unique features.


There's nothing better than a pop-up book. Wait, scratch that. There was nothing better than a pop-up book, until Wonderbook came along. Using the Playstation Move system, it'll bring a book of authentic Hogwarts magic to life, right in your front room. Just don't get Polyjuice Potion on the rug, eh?

Gears of War: Judgment

The biggest game of 2013? Sure, it's early days, but Gears of War: Judgment has to be in the running. You'll get a taste of the game's tone from this slick vid -- it's a prequel to the very first game in the series -- but there's plenty of buzz around its new Locust-vs.-Cog multiplayer mode, too.

Wii Fit U

You knew it was coming. After selling well over 20 million copies on the Wii, the world's premier exercise game is heading for the Wii U, too. Check out a few of its Balance Board-enhanced, calorie-slaying minigames right here.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Don't ever change, Sam. After ten years of sneaking his way round the world, you'd think Ubisoft's grizzled and gravelly-voiced hero had earned a nice vacation. No such luck: in Blacklist he's sent not to Hawaii, but off to the Iran-Iraq border, and rather than sipping Mai Tais he's...well, take a look for yourself.

Tomb Raider

Think Sam Fisher gets a raw deal? He's got nothing on Lara Croft. This taste of the next in the celebrated Tomb Raider series shows a young Lara getting into unpleasant scrape after unpleasant scrape -- and gives us our first look at some actual gameplay footage from this 2013 stunner.

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