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EA sells the same FIFA game two years in a row — again

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FIFA 14 (Credit: EA Sports)

A little over a year ago, Electronic Arts found itself in hot water after it admitted selling Wii owners a recycled version of FIFA 12 in FIFA 13.

Apparently, the company didn't learn from that misstep.

EA has confirmed to Pocket Gamer that this year's version of FIFA 14 for the PlayStation Vita is simply a re-skinned version of last year’s FIFA 13 -- which, it's worth noting, was just a re-skinned version of the first FIFA game for the system.

It's the gaming equivalent of slapping a new coat of paint onto a car and selling it as brand new. And while the game won't be out until September 24, fan outrage is already starting to grow.

"Shame on you EA," wrote user 'Gambini' on CVG.

"Disgusting! Bad enough to pull that trick once...but twice?? Hope nobody buys it!" chimed in Eurogamer reader 'weejok'.

EA originally told Eurogamer that FIFA 14 would contain "the same great gameplay and new kits."

Last September, EA had sold nearly 4 million copies of its popular soccer simulation before Wii owners found out that their version was essentially the exact same game as the previous year.

EA shrugged off criticism at the time by saying they "felt it was important to continue to offer fans the opportunity to play an authentic football experience on Wii" -- a nicer way of saying the Wii wasn't important to them anymore.

It's not hard to make a same logical leap for the Vita. Sales of the handheld system haven't exactly set records for Sony. A year ago -- the last time life to date sales for the Vita were announced -- the number stood at a mere 2.2 million. That's certainly increased substantially, but the system is hardly a hot seller.

To give it a boost, Sony announced a Vita price cut earlier this week at the Gamescom event in Germany and is working hard to integrate the Vita into the PlayStation 4 experience.

You'd think, perhaps, that in offering a twice-reheated game, EA might lower the retail price. You'd be wrong, though. Retailers are selling FIFA 14 for the Vita as a premium $40 title.

The good news? You can simply download FIFA 13 these days for just $14.

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