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EA takes Monopoly to the Streets

Plugged In

Monopoly Streets

"Everybody's played Monopoly on the board. But nobody's ever visited Monopoly...that's what we're trying to do here."

So says Jeff Peters, Senior Producer for Monopoly Streets, EA's
upcoming new take on the classic board game. Rather than a staid old
flat board, Peters says, Streets takes place in a "living, breathing
Monopoly city." Streets and avenues become city blocks. Railroads
spring to life. And Free Parking becomes (what else?) a multi-storey
parking garage.

Peters also dives into some of the Xbox 360-exclusive features of
Streets. Specifically, it'll include online matches -- a series first,
hard though that is to believe -- and Avatar support. In fact, not only
can you play as your Avatar, you'll see folks from your friends list
populating the game's streets. Wonder where they got that idea, eh?

Look out for Monopoly Streets on Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3, in stores on October 27.

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