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On eve of new Xbox reveal, Sony teases PS4

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(Credit: Sony)

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox will dominate headlines tomorrow, but Sony couldn't resist stealing one more news cycle for the PlayStation 4 today.

The company has released a teaser video showing off its upcoming console, which was conspicuously absent at Sony's own event in February.

Well, showing off is probably overstating it. The video strives to build on the suspense of the PS4's appearance with lots of blurred shots, quick cuts and extreme close-ups of things that appear to be the backs of fans and corners of the machine. See for yourself:

Expert analysis? We can safely confirm that the PS4 will be black. That seems pretty apparent. And it will certainly have a “4” on it. Otherwise...well, it's called a teaser video for a reason. (If you're interested in seeing all the still shots of the system in one place, NeoGAF users were quick to round them up.)

The company noted that the full reveal will come June 10th at 6:00 pm PST during Sony's E3 2013 press conference.

As Sony toys with its fans, Microsoft is gearing up to start beating the drum on its own next-gen system. While the company has kept quiet about what it has in store, (given the event's proximity to E3), there's a decent chance that we'll actually see what the next Xbox will look like tomorrow during the Redmond giant’s official reveal event.

We’ll very likely get a name, but don’t expect to hear a precise launch date or pricing information. The big question there -- for both Sony and Microsoft fans -- is whether the companies will show those cards at E3 or if they'll keep launch info secret in order to prolong interest in the devices for the months leading up to their respective release dates (widely expected to be in late November).

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