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Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Elite

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The long-rumored subscription service tied to the hit Call of Duty franchise is finally reality. And that has some gamers worried and

Activision has formally unveiled Call of Duty: Elite, a premium service that adds a social layer and exclusive content - along with a
monthly fee - to the popular shooter. But the addition of that fee and the
features the publisher have discussed have muddied the waters a bit around the
franchise. Here are some answers to some of the biggest questions:

Do I have to pay to play online now? - No. While
Elite will offer some additional features for subscribers, players will still
be able to play online for no additional charge - just as they always have.

What will it cost? - That's not yet determined. Activision officials tell the Wall Street Journal they expect the cost to be less than the $7.99-per-month that Netflix charges. Some analysts say they expect the cost to be as low as $5 per month.

What will I get with an Elite subscription? - Some of
that is still being determined, but here's at least a partial list. An Elite subscription
gets people all future expansion packs that come out for Call of Duty titles as
well as highly detailed statistical tracking of yourself and other players,
letting you pull up information on potential opponents without having to log
into the game. In addition, there are special contests for players with in-game
and real world prizes. And subscribers will also get in-depth guides for every
weapon, map and perk - as well as tips on how to be a better player.

Can I still buy map-packs without subscribing? - Yes.
While Elite subscribers will get the DLC automatically, people who choose not
to pay will still be able to buy the map-packs that appeal to them.

When does the service begin? - Elite will formally
launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 in November. However, the company plans a
beta test to run this summer using last year's Black Ops as the guinea pig.

Is it worth it? - A lot of that depends on how
fanatical you are about Call of Duty. If you buy every game on day one and are
one of the people who exceed the daily user's average of 58 minutes spent
playing per day, this might be right up your alley. But if you find yourself
putting down the controller after a couple of months and moving on to other
games, the money could be spent more wisely elsewhere.


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