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Expecto Matrimonium! The Harry Potter wedding proposal

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With this snitch I thee wed. (Warner Bros.)

Ron and Hermione? Pfft. Two Harry Potter fans are on their way to the altar, thanks to a proposal Dumbledore himself would have approved of.

When Rachel Allison met Jaquie Richards in college, the two quickly became friends – and then something more. Richards was the original Potterhead, but quickly brought Allison on board – so when Allison decided to propose, it wasn't that hard to determine a theme.

Allison reached out to CustomMade, a service that connects people seeking one-of-a-kind items with people who can make them, and bought a complete Quidditch set – well, as complete as it can be without a flying broom.

Pennsylvania artist Anthony Albano made the incredible reproduction of the film's set. There was a Beater's Bat, a Quaffle, two Bludgers – and a winged Golden snitch, which held the engagement ring.

Once she had that in hand, Allison set up an indoor Quidditch match (since it was too snowy to play outside), and popped the question. Richards, not surprisingly, agreed to make the Unbreakable Vow.

Allison and Richards's story is the latest in a long line of geektastic proposals. Two years ago, Gary Hudston charmed the video game world with his Portal 2-themed proposal to his girlfriend Stephy, working with community programmers and Valve Software team members to put together a playable, polished three-level Portal 2 mod in just over four weeks.

Later that year, Zach Munn set the science fiction high bar by proposing at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con – earning the blessing of Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself (fine, actor Patrick Stewart, if you insist).

We're tempted to hand the crown to Allison now, though. After all, GLaDOS and The Borg are nothing compared to the threat Lord Voldemort presents. And we all know by now that the only way to defeat the Dark Lord is with love.


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