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For your eyes only: Nifty video illusion shows you how to build a private computer monitor

Plugged In

Remember those ads in comic books for ‘X-Ray specs’? They didn’t really work, but video illusionist Brusspup demonstrates how you can achieve a similar effect on a run-of-the-mill computer screen.

This trick relies on the fact that old LCD monitors have a polarizing filter which, when removed, leaves an apparently blank white screen. Broken monitor, right? Not quite. Save that filter material and you can make some nifty glasses so that you -- and only you -- can see what’s happening onscreen. NSFW? Who’s gonna know?

If you’re a fan of Bruss’s previous work, keep an eye out for a callback to a previous illusion, as well as another cameo by his adorable cat.

To see more of Bruss’s illusions, check out his Youtube channel.

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