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Just the facts, man.

After getting shown
up by a super fan
who pointed out a flaw in their game's continuity,
World of Warcraft developer Blizzard could have taken their lumps in stride,
chalking up their fiction foible as a simple oversight, and moved on with no
further mention of the incident.

Instead, the ace game makers proved why they enjoy such a rabid following by paying their newly famous critic the highest honor imaginable: he's now a character in the game.

The new character, cleverly named "Wildhammer Fact Checker," can be found standing right next to none other than Falstad Wildhammer -- the very hero whose health status
flummoxed the game's designers at the recent BlizzCon expo. Clothed in a red
tunic as a nod to the Red Shirt Guy's preferred choice of garb, the Fact
Checker is no hoax, having been confirmed by the game's lead designer, Alex
Afrasiabi, on the official Warcraft forums. Awesome? Completely.

The Red Shirt Guy himself has also been busy. In response to thousands of comments about his odd voice and mannerisms, the suddenly famous gamer posted a
video explanation
in which he revealed that, in addition to being
nervous as heck during the Q&A, he also suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.

"That's partially why my voice sounded so robotic," he says. "Fortunately, I
have a mild to minor case, so it's not as bad as some might be."

Passionate, fearless, smart. Forget the fact
checking -- this super fan just got one of his own.

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