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‘Family Guy Online’ brings gamers to Quahog

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If you're a fan of the uncouth cast of "Family Guy," today's your lucky day.

Family Guy Online, a free-to-play, browser-based multiplayer game, launches its open beta Tuesday, dropping gamers into its familiar world of quick, manic wit and infinite random adventures.

Touting it as the world's first MMLOL (Massively Multiplayer Laugh Out Loud), publisher 20th Century Fox and game developer Roadhouse Interactive pulled out all the stops to keep the game authentic to the show.

"We wanted to really deliver the experience of Family Guy" said, Ian Verchere, CCO and founder of Roadhouse Interactive. "It has all the familiar names, faces, and places of Quahog, Rhode Island."

An early first look at the game verified just that. The Griffin household — and the whole neighborhood, for that matter — is here in all its prime time glory, including the likes of Quagmire, absent-minded Mayor West, and even Greased-Up Deaf Guy. To ensure it feels like the real deal, the game's makers brought on series writers Alex Carter and Andrew Goldberg to lend their comic touch to Quahog's unique brand of madness.

"The comedy in this game is the same as the comedy from the show," Carter said. "We worked to come up with lines that could be delivered regardless of the medium."

Even the show's actors got in on the act. Mila Kunis, herself a big World of WarCraft player, jumped right in and helped things along because of her familiarity with MMO jargon.

"The actors tweaked stuff to really make the dialogue come alive," Goldberg said. "The performances are the same as on the show."

In the game, players create their own Family Guy character and then roam around Quahog, where characters from the show will send them on quests and adventures. And don't worry — Family Guy's famous non sequiturs pop up constantly. Almost everything you click can cause strange things to happen.

"Regular quests incorporate the classic one-off scenes of the show," Verchere says. "And the Evil Monkey may or may not reside in a certain closet."

As yet there's been no Ernie the Giant Chicken sightings, but we're guessing it's only a matter of time before he makes his presence known. After all, bird is the word.

Check out the game here.

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