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Fan-made ‘Star Wars’ film is an online force

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For web developer Casey Pugh, what began as a slight disturbance in the Force has turned into an Imperial-sized web sensation.

Seeking to harness the power of crowdsourcing to create his own vision of "Star Wars: A New Hope," Pugh embarked on a journey back in 2009 that not only found his website the winner of a 2010 interactive media Emmy, but spawned a genuine Youtube hit.

"Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut" is comprised of hundreds of 15-second snippets taken from fan films, patched together in a bizarre, laugh-out-loud tapestry that recreates the entire movie, scene by memorable scene. First uploaded to Youtube on January 18, it's now at over one million views and counting.

Most impressive.

With its dizzying display of different sets and styles, it's a real treat for Star Wars fans. And the manner in which the film was made echoes the tenacity and pluck that a young George Lucas faced when creating his space opera with little to no budget in 1977.

So what does Lucasfilm think about all of this? Oddly enough, they've expressed support of Pugh's project, apparently even going on the record stating they "hope that someday 'Star Wars Uncut' can air on Spike," referring to their annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.

How's that for shooting the ears from a gundark?

Here's hoping Mr. Pugh makes "The Empire Strikes Back" next . Do or do not. There is no try.

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