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Farmville is coming soon to a television near you

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Brett Ratner will produce Farmville show (Credit: Getty Images/Zynga)

If you thought the idea of an Angry Birds movie was ridiculous, how about a cartoon based on Farmville?

Zynga’s long-in-the-tooth Facebook hit is being transformed into a half-hour animated series, and it has managed to snag bigwig Hollywood director Brett Ratner to lead the effort.

Ratner, best known for his work on “Rush Hour” and “X-Men: The Last Stand,” is producing the series, says The Wall Street Journal.

“Farmville is one of the most exciting brands out there today and its cross-platform opportunities are endless,” Ratner said in a statement to the paper. “I am thrilled to be expanding the brand with existing fans and also engaging a whole new audience.”

Exactly what the show will focus on -- and where it will air -- remains a mystery, as well as how it will tie in with the game. However it works, brace yourself for plenty of notifications about it in your Facebook news feed in the future.

The series, as curious as it might be, is hardly Zynga’s first brush with celebrity. The company has made it a regular practice to get big names to help pimp its games to the public.

Snoop Dogg helped promote Mafia Wars by blowing things up in the desert, and Lady Gaga famously teamed with the company to create GagaVille, a Farmville farm where fans were able to hear songs from her CD “Born This Way” before it was released.

The company has also been busy in Hollywood. Three years ago, it partnered with Dreamworks to promote the film “Megamind” in Farmville. CBS and Ryan Seacrest are also in the process of building a prime-time game show revolving around Draw Something, which the company acquired after purchasing game maker OMGPOP last year.

That title, though, seems like a natural fit for television. Farmville? We’re having a little trouble figuring out how microtransactions and begging friends for bales of hay will translate to TV.

Then again, this is the same Hollywood that’s making a feature film out of Asteroids, so anything’s possible.

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