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Father’s Day Game Gifts

Plugged In

Keep Your Grip

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - EA

Got a gaming dad? Lucky you. Plenty of dads would rather spend time working in the garage, reading in the study or casting lines in the lake than fooling around with video games on Father's Day, the poor saps.

And just as your pop spent years encouraging your hobbies by eagerly taping awkward school plays and flag-football matches, we suggest you encourage his gaming predilection by grabbing him a new game for his special day. Such as:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

If dad digs the links but can't stand those exorbitant green fees, it's time he took a swing at the virtual thing with the latest Tiger Woods golf game. This one downplays the troubled Tiger in favor of The Masters, marking the first time the vaunted course at Augusta National has appeared in a U.S.  video game. It's also one of those rare cases where the Wii version is as good as - if not better than - the Xbox 360 or PS3 editions.

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infamous 2

It hasn't been an easy go for dad if he plays games on a PS3 - the system's been riddled with security problems for weeks. But now that the worst days are (hopefully) behind us, reunite him with his precious Playstation by giving him infamous 2. The sequel to the 2009 hit features a supercharged Cole McGrath slinging lightning in a sprawling, open-world city based on New Orleans.

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Fight Night Champion

It's a fact: All dads love boxing. Or at least the ones we asked at the local pub last night. And if indeed your father is a fan of pugilism, he'll be knocked out if you pick up this stellar boxing game. Not only is it flat-out gorgeous, but it goes above and beyond with a story mode - yes, a sports game story mode -- that critics hailed as one of the finest achievements in a boxing game ever.

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Wii Play: Motion

Maybe dad's mellowed with age. If that's the case, give him some laid-back, casual games for the Wii in this sequel to one of the best-selling games ever released for the system. A dozen new games are packed in along with a new Wii MotionPlus remote, and some of them are actually pretty cool. Stone Skipping is simple and fun, while Spooky Search will let him get in touch with his inner Ghostbuster. Best of all, they're designed to be played together.

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Top Spin 4

Tennis, anyone? If dad splits his time between the couch and the country club, give him this solid tennis sim and watch him fall in love. The tight controls and great visuals will get him hooked, but the staggeringly huge Career mode and rewarding online play should keep him volleying well past Father's Day.

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iOS games

We're guessing you got dad some sort of iOS device over the past year. Now it's time to fill it with some can't-miss games. Apple makes that quite easy since you can just gift apps straight from the App Store - no fuss, no muss. Where to start? How about the solid three-pack of graphical powerhouse Infinity Blade, addictive physics effort Super Stickman Golf, and perennial favorite Plants vs. Zombies?

Awesome gaming headset

Being a dad AND a gamer can be tricky, especially if dad likes playing games solo. Help him block out the family chaos for a bit by gifting him a surround-sound gaming headset. There are several good options out there, but if you really want to show you care, check out the epic Astro A40 Wireless system. He'll hear your love loud and clear.


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