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The final frontier: ‘Spock’ done with Trek conventions

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Leonard Nimoy is boldly going where few Star Trek actors have gone before: away from the convention scene.

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Leonard Nimoy (Getty Images)

The 80-year-old actor, who has played the logical U.S.S Enterprise science officer Spock since the show's inception, said his farewell to die-hard conventioneers after attending his final Star Trek con in Chicago this past weekend, reports AP.

After speaking about his life and career for about a hour, Nimoy thanked fans for their support over the years, held up his famous four-fingered salute, and offered them a final "Live long and prosper."

"So much to be thankful for," Nimoy later tweeted. "The wave of kindness from the crowd. My family there. LLAP."

Adam Malin, CEO of Star Trek convention organizer Creation Entertainment, said that Nimoy "will be missed."

That's an understatement. Nimoy has been with Star Trek since the very beginning, having first portrayed Spock in the original show's unaired 1964 pilot. He'd go on to embody the Vulcan for four decades in countless shows and films, most recently in J.J. Abrams's acclaimed 2009 reboot of the franchise, where he passed the torch to Zachary Quinto.

While Nimoy has publicly stated that he'll no longer don the Vulcan ears to play Spock in any future Trek endeavor, the actor will next appear as a wise Eagle in the animated feature "Zambezia."

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