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First Fallout: New Vegas DLC coming Dec, 360-only

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Fallout: New Vegas

If you're the lucky owner of one of the five million copies of Fallout: New Vegas publisher Bethesda shipped out to retail last month, circle the date December 21 in your calendar.

Assuming you bought it on Xbox 360, that is.

That's the release date for New Vegas's first downloadable content update. It's called "Dead Money" and will set players the task of recovering the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre...which is a casino, not a gold-rich
region of Mexico. So no, there's no particular connection to the 1940s Bogart flick, although we kind of wish there was. It'll be an Xbox exclusive and cost 800 Microsoft points (or $10, in real money).

Dead Money will add new terrain, new enemies, and new choices for players,
according to Bethesda. You, together with three other captured
wastelanders, will be working together to recover the casino's lost
riches. If it can muster anything like the quality of predecessor
Fallout 3's downloadable expansions, it'll be a big hit.

Bought the game on PC or Playstation 3? Don't feel too bad. Although it was
announced as an Xbox exclusive, we'd bet the house that this expansion
will make it to PS3 and PC sometime in the New Year.


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