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Five awesome yo-yo tricks

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You've walked the dog. You've gone around the world. Maybe you've even rocked the baby. You probably think you're pretty hot stuff.

Watch these five experts at work, and you'll most likely be thinking again.

There's more to true yo-yo mastery than a few quick spins and loops, it turns out. But never fear: in addition to wowing you with their skills, these vids will also give you a solid grounding in the steps needed to reproduce each feat. Learn one and you'll wow your friends; learn them all and you'll be world-class. Good luck.

Double Suicide

Is it the hardest yo-yo trick in the world? Not necessarily, says this video from Expert Village, but it's got to be up there. The Suicide (named, we assume, for the likely outcome of spending too much time practicing it) is hard enough, but the Double adds another loop -- and another level of complexity. Yo-yo god André Boulay makes it look easy. It ain't.

Darth Vader

You don't need to be a wielder of the Force to handle this sweet trick, but it'd sure help. Check out how this yo-yo maestro weaves the string of the still-spinning puck into what's unmistakably the face of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Search your feelings: you know it to be pretty cool.

Eiffel Tower

If that's too much of a handful, here's a so-called "picture trick" that's not quite so difficult. It's an exact replica of the famous Eiffel Tower...kind of. Maybe if you squint a bit, or if there was a very heavy fog that day. But considering all he has to work with is a yo-yo string, it's impressive regardless.


Kwiji-who? As this clip explains, this trick owes its perfectly cromulent name to an early (and we do mean early) Simpsons episode, where Bart invents the word in order to beat Homer at Scrabble. Learning the word is probably going to be the easiest part of mastering this intricate trick, however.

Ladder Escape

Another top contender for the hardest trick ever, the Ladder Escape knots the string into a complex ladder-like series of figures, hopping the yo-yo itself in and out seemingly at random. Random is one thing this trick definitely isn't, however. If you want to take up the challenge, the slow-mo sequence will break it down -- but you're going to need lots of practice to stop your Escape from getting away from you.

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