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Foster child finds gun in donated Christmas gift

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(Credit: NY Post)

When Sheeba Anderson picked up two bags of donated, pre-wrapped gifts for the six foster children in her home on Dec. 20, she was thinking of the joy that would be on their faces on Christmas morning.

So imagine her surprise when she learned that some unknown Bad Santa had hidden a real gun amidst the toys.

Eight year-old Natasha Brunson was the unfortunate recipient of the weapon, which she found she opened her mama-and-baby teddy bear set. Thinking it was nothing more than a bonus toy, she began waving it around the room to show everyone.

"I thought [the bears] were really pretty," Natasha told the New York Post. "So I was squeezing the bears and just starting to play with it. … But then I reached in and took out a gun. I thought it was another toy that fell inside the box."

Anderson, who was watching another child open a gift when Natasha found the weapon, quickly removed it. The good news is the gun did not have a firing pin or bullets, rendering it fairly harmless, but the incident certainly took the merriness out of the holiday in a hurry.

"I heard her say, ‘Look, Miss Sheeba, I found a gun!’" said Anderson. "She was waving it around and playing with it. … I feel like we narrowly avoided what could have been a terrible disaster. I couldn’t calm down all day."

The police were immediately summoned and took the gun away. Investigators are still trying to determine how the gun was donated, along with its make and model.

The Post reports the gifts were provided by a nonprofit organization that has a contract with New York's Administration for Children’s Services.

No word, though, on whether that organization includes the Grinch on its payroll.

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