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Plugged In

Free code giveaway: Rock Band Blitz

Plugged In

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Sorry, Sammy Hagar: there's actually more than one way to rock. Especially when it comes to rock video games.

For instance, there's the way to rock where you bang away on plastic instruments to live out the fantasy of being a rock star without all that pesky money and fame. It's all sorts of fun, for sure, but that kind of rocking is also a little long in the tooth these days, plus it requires lots of space. Those David Lee Roth jump kicks and living room lamps do NOT get along.

But here's another way to rock: Rock Band Blitz. Releasing this week as a downloadable game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it puts the game in music gaming by giving your Rock Band setlist a brand new arcade flavor.

And we're giving it away for free. Because freedom rocks!

So does the game. Packed with 25 new songs and fully compatible with your existing Rock Band library, Blitz turns the familiar note highway into a button-mashing rhythm game, complete with power-ups to trigger, coins to earn, and leaderboards to conquer. It's also scoring well with critics, if that's your thing.

Even if it isn't, we're betting you want in on the giveaway, so here's the deal. We're giving away 5 Xbox 360 and 5 PS3 download codes over on our Facebook page at 3:00 (PST) today, so be sure to give us a LIKE if you don't already. Because liking stuff rocks, too.

Reminder: Each code is unique and only works once, so if you try one and it doesn't work, someone else already snagged it.

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