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The Future of the Xbox 360

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by Scott Baker,

So E3 was packed with news, as it usually is. But what did it mean for gamers who aren't ready to pay the $499 that the XBOX One will cost at launch?

Well, besides the coming releases of Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, GTA V, and according to the President of XBOX division at Microsoft, over 100+ more titles all only for the Xbox 360.

That's great news for the current gen gamers with no plans or cash to throw at the next gen systems.

What else?

Big news actually. To say thank you to the Xbox Live Gold membership community, Microsoft is giving away two completely free full versions of games per month starting in July and ending December 31, 2013. So far Microsoft announced that Fable 3, Assassin's Creed 2, and Halo 3 will all be free titles. If you somehow have never tried any of these games before, you will get your chance with no risk.

While these titles are going to be fan favorite games and you will likely already own several of them, it is a nice gesture which has the potential to get you more out of the current generation.

The system isn't dead yet. With plans to continue adding apps and new features to the Xbox 360 as well as yet another new re-design of the console that is the quietest, fastest, and lightest version of the system to date.

The plans are not all openly being shared however, so some of it will be announced as the summer progresses.

Xbox 360 Live Summer of Arcade will begin August 7th with a bunch of new titles.

Titles like TMNT Out of the Shadows, A Tale of Two Sons, and Charlie Murder.

Ubisoft, Activision, and Microsoft all have multiple games planned for the 360 including Bungie's new game, Destiny.

By no means is it the end of the 360. To top that of, recent interviews with Epic Studios lead to news that several DLC's are planned and are being developed for Gears of War Judgment.

Recently games like GRID 2 and Injustice Gods Among Us have met critical praise and decent sales. So there are a lot of choices for games to get you through the heat of summer. And if you buy Injustice at Walmart, you get DC vs. Mortal Kombat for free as well. So have no fear 360 fans. The system is still going strong.

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