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Plugged In

Game of the Year Awards 2011

Plugged In

The Main Event

It seems just last year we proclaimed "this was the best year for games in ages!"

365 days later, we're inclined to say it again.

Though it started off a bit slow, 2011 ended as loudly as you could want. Critically-acclaimed sequels to nearly every major game franchise hit shelves, creating a glut of blockbusters and absolutely decimating the wallets of those crazy enough to try to play them all. From glorious indie downloads like Bastion to big, brash noisemakers like Modern Warfare 3, we were never at a loss for an exceptional game experience. In 2011, quantity met quality.

That's great for gamers, but lousy for awards. Whittling down our top picks for 2011 was an immense challenge, but with the help of some tarot cards, a gallon of malt liquor, lawn darts and a couple of 20-sided dice, we muddled our way through to nail down the Yahoo! Games Best of 2011 Awards. No cheat codes needed.


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