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Plugged In

Gamer grandpa is a viral smash

Plugged In

Video games -- especially shooters like Black Ops II and Halo 4 -- have been in an uncomfortable spotlight for the past month and a half. The controversy over violent games has overshadowed the joy that can come from immersing yourself in these virtual worlds.

That's what makes this absolutely adorable video even more engaging. A pair of gamers invited their 84-year-old grandfather to play along – and his reactions are priceless:

He sways. He bounces. He laughs and hollers. He makes sounds we've never heard before, save perhaps from our kids on Christmas morning. And, frankly, he seems to be having a lot more fun than most jaded gamers have had in a long, long time. He's fast becoming a YouTube sensation, as well as one of the most beloved grandparents online.

Octogenarian gaming is turning into something of a trend, actually. Last week, the world met an 85-year-old grandmother who not only plays games, but dominates them.

Hilda Knott has been playing games for 40 years -- and even played Grand Theft Auto IV with her then 94-year-old aunt.

Maybe she can give Grandpa a few pointers.

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