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Gamer proposes with four-hour role-playing game

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Marchaka and Michele (Credit: Marchaka)

With this game, I thee wed.

There have been numerous wedding proposals done via video game modifications, but actually building a game from scratch for the sole purpose of asking for someone's hand? That's a new level altogether.

A Redditor who goes by the name Marchaka has a pretty ideal girlfriend in Michele, as the two share a serious love of video games. That got the wheels in his head spinning when he decided to pop the question.

Using a $70 role-playing game maker called VX Ace, he built Michele's Quest -- a Final Fantasy-style title that consists of four acts and four boss battles.

After successfully completing each act, the player (Michele, obviously) is rewarded with an image showing the location of a real-world key. Sitting beside the computer Michele played on was a chest with four locks. When the fourth was unlocked, there was a note reading "turn around," where she saw Marchaka on bended knee with the ring.

Not surprisingly, she said "yes."

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Michele's Quest (Credit: Marchaka)

It took Marchaka -- who only has a little programming experience -- over 160 hours to create the game, which is filled with in-jokes and loads of video game references. And lest you think Marchaka spent the four hours it took Michele to complete the game standing over her shoulder, he even managed to plan ahead for that contingency as well.

"We had some guests over and so I tried to downplay it by cooking a big dinner for everyone," he said. "I spent most of my time in the kitchen but how the place is designed I can see the computer from there. The guests pulled up chairs next to her and chimed in with commentary and jokes…took any tension out of it until the big moment."

Marchaka's proposal makes us think back to Gary Hudston's elaborate proposal to his then-girlfriend Stephy. Working with the community and team members at Valve, he created a trio of levels for Portal 2 that eventually led to a proposal voiced by none other than GLaDOS (the game's AI villain) herself.

As his story has gone viral, Marchaka has made the game available to anyone who wants to play it. Just don't expect him to propose should you beat it. This one's taken.

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