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Plugged In

‘Gamers Heart Japan’ special aims to aid Japan relief efforts

Plugged In

Monster Truck Destroyer

From Space Invaders and Pac-Man to Mario and Link to Playstation and Wii, Japan has given more to the video game industry than any other country.

It's time to give back.

That's the sentiment behind 'Gamers Heart Japan', a one-hour special dedicated to raising awareness -- and Red Cross donations -- to help Japan rebuild in the aftermath of the sickening earthquake and tsunami that's brought the country to its knees.

Spearheaded by The Electric Playground's Victor Lucas and his company Greedy Productions, the video is an unprecedented gathering of game industry figures from around the world, each of whom shares their own thoughts about what Japan has meant to them both professionally and personally. If you're any sort of gamer, this is a must-watch.

You can watch the full video here, but I encourage you to visit GamesHeartJapan to make a donation as well.


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