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A Geeky Kind of Love: Valentine Gifts for Gamers

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Roses?  Harumph!  Dark chocolate?  Pshaw!  A gamer craves not these things — at least, not exclusively.  If your special someone is a serious player, or even just if they walk on the geeky side of the street from time to time, they'll appreciate these hand-picked Valentine's Day presents.

"Arrow in the Heart" T-shirt

An arrow in the heart

Okay, admittedly the  "I took an arrow to the knee" meme from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has more than worn out its welcome.  Still, the sheer sweetness of this shirt's sentiment should make it a pleasant surprise for the Dovakhin in your life.

Plush Starship Enterprise

Adorably go where no one has gone before

While an intergalactic spacecraft isn't normally something you'd want to snuggle with, you may have to make an exception for this adorable Enterprise, which boldly goes where no plush toy has gone before.  If your significant other's a Trekker, he or she will love this.

Dynamic Heart Shirts

Heart(s) to Hearts(s)

These electronic T-shirts regain their hearts the closer they approach one another.  What better (and geekier) way for a gamer couple to show their love?  Careful washing them, though — you can't just toss these in the laundry, as they require a bit of disassembly first.

"All My Base" Valentine Card

From the 8-bit heart graphic to the Zero Wing reference to the use of HTML hexadecimal color designations, it's hard to pack more sheer, lovable geekiness into a single greeting card than you'll find here.

8-Bit Heart Necklace

Simplicity itself

Simple, classic, elegant, nerdy.  For the gamer gal who's not afraid to show off her pixilated side.  If that happens to be your girlfriend or wife, we think you know what needs to be done.

Plush companion cube

A cube to love

Anyone who's played Valve's brilliant first-person puzzler Portal will remember the Weighted Companion Cube, an inanimate object that just wants to be loved.  This squeezable version is a perfect gift for any Portal fan.  Make sure the cake after Valentine's dinner isn't a lie, though.

I Am 8 Bit Art Book


Here's a conversation-starter perfect for the coffee table of any serious gamer.  Weird and wonderful artworks from the famed 'I Am 8 Bit' gallery fill its pages.  It'll let your loved one's gamer-flag fly in a hip, stylish way. Already got it? Then level up to the new 'Super I Am 8 Bit' instead.

Talking Plush Murloc


Every 'World of Warcraft' player is familiar with the dreaded Murloc fish creatures.  Marked by their distinctive gurgling sound, they strike terror (or at least annoyance) into the hearts of Horde and Alliance alike.  But as with so many things, they become much cuter in plush form.  Whichever faction your WoW-playing guy or girl belongs to, they'll get a kick out of this talking toy.

Fus ro dah

"Fus Ro Dah" T-Shirt

We couldn't resist slipping in one more Skyrim item.  The Dovahkin may be a fearsome dragon-slayer, but when depicted in 8-bit style, he's a lot more lovable.

Think pink

Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS

A portable gaming device isn't just a piece of hardware, it's an accessory.  With that in mind, Nintendo's releasing its 3DS in a stylish, Valentine-friendly new shade.  If you've got a wife or girlfriend who just can't seem to get into gaming, we're betting this little number will push her over the edge.

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