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Google Easter egg invades your search results

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Google's Zerg Rush

Wanna see something cool?  Type 'Zerg Rush' into a Google search bar and get ready to defend your search results.

The assault by angry 'O's isn't just something you have to passively sit back and watch — you can fight back by clicking on the wayward letters.  As with their legendary playable logo that marked the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man a couple years back, the Google gang just can't resist getting some game in their search.

The Zerg are a playable alien race in the smash strategy hit StarCraft.  Reminiscent of those nasty Xenomorphs in the Alien movie series, the Zerg are known for fast, cheap units that can overwhelm enemies early in a game — the dreaded 'rush.'  They've even been verbed: in general gaming parlance, 'to zerg' means to swarm opponents with quantity over quality.

We're guessing the programmers in Mountain View who whipped up this little diversion wouldn't need that history lesson, though.

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