Plugged In

Gravity-defying video illusion goes with the flow

Plugged In

The video you’re about to see by master illusionist Brusspup looks like some kind of expensive CGI footage scraped off the cutting room floor of the Matrix movies. In fact, though, all it takes is a hose, a subwoofer, a video camera, and a little technical know-how:

Want to know how it’s done? Brusspup creates the stunning effect by exploiting an aspect of the way video cameras work.

The camera records at 24 frames per second; by using the speaker to vibrate the water hose at a corresponding 24Hz (24 vibrations per second), Brusspup exactly matches the framerate. As a result, the water looks like it’s standing still. With slight alterations to the subwoofer frequency and camera framerate, the water can be made to look as if it’s flowing much more slowly than gravity would allow, or even defying gravity altogether to flow upward.

For more of Brusspup’s illusions, check out his Youtube channel.

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