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Grid 2 special edition comes with a car, costs $190,000

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Not a video game (Credit: Codemasters)

Think $60 is too much for a video game? Then you probably can’t afford the ‘BAC Mono Edition’ of Codemasters' upcoming racer, Grid 2.

The special edition rings in at a tidy £125,000 ($188,700), making it officially the most expensive commercially available video game ever produced. In fact, they only made one of them, presumably because making more than one would be ostentatious.

So what can a couple hundred grand buy you these days? How about a racecar?

Indeed, the Mono edition’s crown jewel is a 170 mph BAC Mono supercar decked out in full Grid 2 livery. From the press release:

The BAC Mono is a British manufactured, road-legal, ultra-high performance supercar which stars in the game. Created from high-strength carbon fibre, the BAC Mono is an unrivalled example of light-weight performance engineering and its 2.3 litre, 280 bhp four cylinder power plant will propel its driver from 0-60 m.p.h. in just 2.8 seconds.

You’ll also get a full set of driver race wear -- helmet, gloves, race suit and boots -- because hopping behind the wheel of a vehicular beast of this magnitude wearing jean shorts and a tanktop is NOT okay.

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Your special edition duds (Credit: Codemasters)

If a dangerously powerful automobile isn’t quite enough, you’ll also be able to tweak the thing with a full day visit to the BAC factory, where you’ll chat with technicians and customize the car to your liking. Oh, and they threw in a PS3 and a copy of the game, in case you actually slow down long enough to play a video game.

At least the shipping is free.

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Squatting man not included (Credit: Codemasters)

It’s far and away the most elaborate video game special edition ever created, trouncing the likes of last year’s Black Ops II Care Package, which comes packed with a remote-controlled quadcopter. And it’s pricier than the most expensive video game ever, an exceedingly rare prototype copy of The Legend of Zelda, which went for $55,000 last August.

Of course, this is really just a fancy car that happens to come with a video game. Your move, Gran Turismo 6.

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