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Is a Halo remake on the way?

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Halo: Combat Evolved

Looks like Master Chief is re-enlisting.

Game blog Joystiq reports that a remake of the very first Halo game, 2001's Halo: Combat Evolved, is in the works and will release later this year for the Xbox 360.

The remake will reportedly include a full visual upgrade -- including new art assets and support for hi-def and 3D sets -- as well as new control configurations.

The most recent outing in the famous first-person franchise, Halo: Reach (Buy | Search), was the final game from longtime Halo developer Bungie. Joystiq's sources claim that the update is being developed by Saber Interactive, a New York studio best known
for 2007 shooter TimeShift. However, the project is still being overseen by 343
Industries, the internal Microsoft team now charged with handling the Halo property.

A release date? Joystiq's got that too: November 15, 2011, exactly ten years after Halo arrived on the original Xbox and forever changed the face of console shooters.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has kept quiet on the news, telling inquiring minds that they "do not comment on rumors or speculation." In October, the company told IGN that remaking
older Halo titles wasn't a priority.


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