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Hi-tech pajamas hide bedtime stories

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(Credit: Smart PJs)

Of all the weapons in a child's arsenal to stretch bedtime out as long as possible, there is none more valuable than the bedtime story. Inevitably, your young son or daughter will take FOREVER trying to pick out just the right book before you can corral them back into their bed.

Technology to the rescue! Smart PJs are new nighttime apparel that not only keep kids comfy and cozy as they doze, but they're festooned with patterns that hide QR codes that can quickly be converted to bedtime stories.

Parents simply download a companion app, point their smartphone or tablet at one of the dozens of codes embedded in the sleepwear and -- voila! -- an interactive story appears onscreen.

"Smart PJ’s allow parents and children to interact at bedtime by combining technology that kids love with great bedtime stories and a quality pair of pajamas that parents love," inventor Juan Murdoch tells Tech Cocktail. "We purposely created Smart PJ’s with the scannable dot patterns all over them so that parents can help the child scan the stories on their backs where they can’t reach. We also put words to all the stories and animal information on the screen so that parents can turn off the volume and help the child learn to read the stories and words themselves."

The PJs normally cost $50, but currently seem to be on sale for half-price. They come in both boys and girls styles and they're made for children up to 7 or 8 years old, depending on their size.

The idea seems to be catching on, too. Smart PJs (the company) was recently named the Hottest Showcasing Startup in the Boise, IA area.

Don't look for books featuring licensed characters like Barbie or Pooh at this point, however. The company's still in its early days. But anything that can get your children excited about reading is a good thing – even if it means they get to stay up a bit later than you'd like.

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