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Hidden Object Video Games: Try the best seven for free

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Hidden-object video games seem to be only increasing in popularity,
which is illustrated by the large volume of titles available on a
variety of websites. Yahoo!, Pogo, Big Fish Games and even Facebook
have this style of game available, and the following is a list of the
top seven hidden-object games most likely to be recommended to new and
experienced players alike.

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Hidden Object Games

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove
- According to site rankings, the "Mystery Case Files" franchise
continues to be a major seller. Using the clever "one free hour"
tactic, the fantastic storyline, haunting visuals and addictive quality
of these games are legendary among enthusiasts. Additional puzzles and
mysteries add bonus content, increasing the value of this great game.

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington -
The "Agatha Christie" series of titles is a beautiful combination of
the famous novels and the addictive quality of hidden-object games.
Four titles are currently available in the collection, with "4:50 from
Paddington" currently ranked in the top 20 hidden-object games by fans.

Hidden Expedition: Titanic
- Available for a limited trial in browser play (IE only) or for
download, "Hidden Expedition: Titanic" is on both Pogo and Big Fish
Games; use the latter if you intend to purchase the full copy. Stunning
graphics and quality music combine to make this a sad, historical
lesson in the tragedy of the ill-fated Titanic.

Golden Trails: The New Western Rush
- Slip into the Wild West and find the bank robbers with this
well-regarded title. If you enjoy a lot of storyline and interaction
with your object-hunting, make sure to check this one out. We
especially liked the graphics, which are reminiscent of a modern Oregon
Trail -- only with bank robbers and scoundrels instead of dysentery.

Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia
- Visit Yahoo! Games to sample this title, which features sugary sweet
and entirely addictive wedding themes. Even if nuptials and wedding day
items aren't your cup of tea, this game is actually rather challenging.
Object interactions -- like opening a desk drawer and searching within
-- add extra depth.

Time Dreamer
-With a creepy atmosphere, this game will immediately draw in any fans
of the suspense, horror, or thriller genres. Again, interactive
elements like moveable drawers and cabinets introduce extra challenge
and more suspense while the clock ticks down.

CLUE: Secrets & Spies
- Offered by Pogo, this game incorporates the same items many others
use: random fruit, household appliances and the sort of odd objects you
may not even be able to identify. But the spy theme is a refreshing
change of pace, and the free version offers five initial locations
across the globe plus a spot-the-differences final challenge.

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