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Hit the road with Need for Speed: The Run teaser trailer

Plugged In

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Last year's fantastic Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit took the
mercurial racing game franchise to dizzying new heights with Burnout-style
intensity and innovative social networking features.

But rather than ease up off the gas, EA is re-introducing pedal to metal by taking their act on the road.

Need for Speed: The Run, due out November 15 of this year,
hopes to marry the intense racing of Hot Pursuit with a cross-country,
Cannonball Run-style plot that takes drivers from San Francisco to New York.
According to EA, they'll "blow across borders, weave through dense urban
traffic, rocket down icy mountain passes and navigate narrow canyons at
breakneck speeds." Mustaches
, we hope.

So how does it look?

Okay, so it looks a little...vague. At any rate, we've got confirmation from EA that they're bringing back the addictive Autolog feature, which is great news. We'll likely get much, much more in the coming months.

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