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Holy bricks, Batman! ‘Lego Batman 2′ coming

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The Dark Knight is getting the Lego treatment once again.

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Lego Batman 2 (Warner Bros. Interactive)

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that Lego Batman 2 is on the way, with a blocky Batman and Robin hitting store shelves this summer. And they're bringing some super friends — and enemies — along for the ride.

The Joker, of course, will be causing troubles once again, but this time he'll be joined by none other than follicle-challenged villain, Lex Luthor. Batman's allies will include Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, making Lego Batman 2 something of a mini-Justice League.

The game, which will be available on all major platforms (including the new handheld systems from Sony and Nintendo), is a follow-up to 2008's Lego Batman. And it's long overdue. The original game sold more than 11 million copies, according to Warner Bros., making it the best-selling Lego game in the franchise's history.

While the plot hasn't been revealed quite yet, players will once again traverse Gotham City, with the Batmobile and Batwing in their motorpool this time around — and naturally, Bats will have all sorts of fun gadgets at his disposal.

Batman is enjoying a video game renaissance these days. Batman: Arkham City was a critical smash, landing on virtually every critic's "Best of 2011" lists — and topping a good number of them.

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Audiences snatched it up as well. The game was one of the fastest selling titles in the industry's history, selling 2 million copies worldwide in its first week alone. It didn't hurt that Warner Bros. also gave Arkham City the largest marketing campaign it has ever dedicated to a gaming title.

Lego Batman 2, of course, is an entirely different game, one that's much more upbeat than the noire Arkham City. It will, however, benefit from a darker Dark Knight as it will be released right around the same time as this summer's 'The Dark Knight Rises' film.

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