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Holy Sith! Fan-made Star Wars anime is a must-see

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By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzzlog

Star Wars. Ever hear of it? The film/comic/game/toy franchise is well (maybe too well) represented across the galaxy. The Jabba's share of those products are officially licensed. But every once a while, an independent artist will use the Force to create something rad just for the sake of doing it.

Enter animator Paul Michael Johnson. Johnson, who goes by the handle Otaking77077 online, is working on his own bit of Star Wars-inspired anime. Though he's quick to point out that the work is not (repeat, not) finished, what he has so far is awesome enough to make even Han Solo geek out.

The two-minute clip is making its way around the Web at light speed, and it's easy to see why. The attention to detail. The classic anime style. The fact that one guy is putting this together. It's almost cool enough to make us forget about Jar Jar. Almost.

Here's the clip that's causing all the ruckus. It's worth noting that this version was uploaded to YouTube by a fan of the artist. The uploader, JPL4185, added sound effects and music.

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