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Plugged In

Yessir, here I go trying not to break everything. I am of course doing this on a day when the rest of Y! is off getting drunk or sleeping. Risk-taking is rewarded at Yahoo! u000a Here I go BOLDING something. Now, I attempt to ITALICIZE . u000a So far so good, right? Testing! u000a How about an unordered list? Such as: u000a u000a this one u000a this one u000a or this one u000a u000a You know what? Clearly this is a boring test page. How about we spice it up a bit by trying to blockquote some text from a more exciting blog? For instance, are you wondering if Valve is bringing DOTA 2 to Gamescom? I am not, but Rich certainly is. Let's see what Kotaku has to say about it: u000a Over on Gamescom's official site they've got a list up of who's going and what they'll be showing. Well, sort of. We've got a list of what sorts of games the companies going will be showing. In the cast of Valve, they say they'll be showing off a strategy game. u000a OMG! Read more here , Rich. u000a Or, you can stick around and check out this image, as now I will attempt to upload an image. u000a u000a Hey that looks promising! u000a /END FIRST POST, I think this went well. u000a

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