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Plugged In

Human Pac-Man chomps up the web

Plugged In

September 13 3:27 P.M.

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Human Pac-Man

With his 30th birthday enjoying widespread media coverage and his next game getting loads of buzz, it's already been a big year for Pac-Man. But thanks to a new viral video paying homage to the yellow icon, it just got even bigger.

We're talking about Human Pac-Man, a stop-motion clip of Pac-Man featuring people in place of pixels. It's the latest project from famed game video maestro Guillame Reymond, who in the past delivered equally astounding human/pixel versions of Space Invaders, Tetris, Pong and Pole Position.

Well, almost equally astounding, because this one is just totally awesome.

Filmed at the Trafo theater in Baden, Switzerland, the video took Reymond and a cast of 111 human pixels 4 hours to shoot. And in case you were wondering, Reymond did those ridiculous sound effects himself. Well played, sir.

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