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Insane Six Flags ‘Drop of Doom’ ride packs a 90 mph free fall

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(Credit: Six Flags)

If you plan on visiting New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure next year, be sure to bring a sturdy stomach.

The amusement park known for hosting some of the world’s most intense roller coasters is adding a new one to the mix -- and it’s determined to take your breath away. And possibly your lunch.

Rising 415 feet in the sky -- that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty -- the free fall nightmare Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom will become the tallest tower-drop ride in the world when it opens in 2014. The former champ, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of Los Angeles, tops out at a ‘mere’ 400 feet. On a clear day, Zumanjaro riders will be able to see all the way to Philadelphia some 50 miles away, park officials told USA Today.

But the ride isn’t just about height -- it’s also about speed. Zumanjaro will reach a hefty 90 miles per hour, and while that doesn’t quite match the speeds of the world’s fastest coasters, it’s a stomach churner, for sure. Even crazier, the entire ride is nestled inside the loop of Kingda-Ka, the crown jewel of Six Flags Great Adventure and officially the tallest roller coaster in the world.

That combo is going to make for some serious thrills.

"You're going to have folks dropping 90 mph," John Fitzgerald, the park's president, told USA Today. "You're going to have the Kingda Ka cars racing around them at the same time. It's really going to be fantastic. Fantastic views, but also terribly exciting."

Zumanjaro will replace the Rolling Thunder, a classic wooden coaster that’s been a park fixture for some 35 years.

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