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What’s inside a PS4? Sony tears down their next-gen machine

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(Credit: Wired)

Video game consoles aren’t just nuts and bolts and mainframes and teraflops. They’re made of magic. We know this because it’s the only way to explain how we magically lose an entire weekend to a game like GTA V while swearing we only played for about a half-hour.

If, however, you’re the type who prefers to see exactly how the sausage is made, we’ve got the video for you. Courtesy our pals at Wired comes this mesmerizing video of Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori methodically unscrewing and taking apart a PlayStation 4:

Every inch of the device is covered, from the optical drive to the heat sink to the Bluetooth antenna. No real bombshells here – we’ve known the specs for a while – but it’s cool seeing proof that you can indeed just swap out that built-in 500 GB hard drive for something bigger (and if you play tons of games, you’ll likely have to do just that).

Sadly, the video fails to answer our most pressing concern: will it blend? We’ll have to wait until after the system’s November 15 launch date to find out.

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