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Plugged In

iPad games…for your cat?

Plugged In

Bumper Jack

Apple may tout the diversity of the App Store in television ads, but let's face it -- the store is prejudiced against certain users. Sure, there are apps for adults and children, scholars and idiots, big spenders and cheapskates...

...but what about cats?

The touch interface system, after all, is much easier for Fluffy to navigate than a keyboard and (delicious) mouse, but so far no forward-thinking developer has given a second thought to the needs of the feline demographic.

Leave it to Friskies to end the species-ism.

The cat food giant has created a trio of iPad games for cats that it says "were developed through behavioral research, careful consideration of what appeals to cats' senses, and even some feline focus group sessions."

Don't believe 'em? Behold the video:

The games -- "Cat Fishing," "Tasty Treasures Hunt" and "Party Mix-Up" -- are all variations of the old 'shine the flashlight on the floor and move it around to drive Mr. Whiskers crazy' trick most cat owner are familiar with. Only this time, the lights are fish- and treat-shaped. And, in some instances, catching them causes an on-screen explosion.

The games aren't yet available on the App Store, though Friskies says it expects that to change "in the near future" -- undoubtedly due to the dispatching of a ninja cat to Steve Jobs' house. For now, you'll have to head to the aptly named Games for Cats website to grab 'em.

Wary of letting your cat attack your iPad? While that might not sound like the best use of your $800 tech toy (though Friskies, not surprisingly, says it's perfectly safe), we're betting pet lovers will pounce on it.


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