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J Lo wants you to tap along to her new app

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DancePad (Credit: Moonshark)

Jennifer Lopez's love don't cost a thing -- and neither does her game.

J Lo is acting as the front person for DancePad, a new app that transforms your iPad into a dance floor for your fingers.

The 'finger dancing app' tasks players to move their fingers skillfully around a dance floor, jumping, sliding and jiving, unlocking new levels as they master the skills. Think Dance Dance Revolution for the iOS world.

The app itself is being steered by gaming newcomer Moonshark, but when Lopez saw it, she fell in love with it, becoming an avid player and even getting her backup dancers hooked. That's when she signed on as a partner for the game.

The free app features 100 dances and 30 different artists (though not, at present, Lopez). That's something the developers hope to rectify in the months to come.

"Jennifer loved the game, we love Jennifer -- she's an icon in music, dance, and popular culture," Moonshark CEO Matt Kozlov told CNET.

Moonshark is an interesting beast in and of itself. The publisher was co-founded by Hollywood power-agent Creative Artists Agency and Qualcomm, with the intent to bring together developers and high-profile talent.

The company already has another app in the works that will team with director, writer, and producer John Woo ("Face/Off," "Mission Impossible 2") that's scheduled to launch this fall. It's also talking with talent ranging from comic book creators to comedians for future projects.

Hollywood getting into the app business probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The risks are low and the potential rewards can be great. And, if things fall into place perfectly, they might even get a television show out of it. Just ask the folks behind Draw Something, which could begin airing as a prime-time game show as early as January or February.

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