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Plugged In

Jaw-dropping Post-It animation brings Ms. Pac-Man, Mario to life

Plugged In

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Post-It notes are eminently useful, but they don’t seem like the most promising medium for creative expression.

“Au contraire,” says YouTube videographer Michael Birken. Well, not literally, but the sentiment is expressed in the magnificent bit of stop-motion animation captured below. Ms. Pac-Man munches her way through a maze and Mario battles Donkey Kong to rescue his best girl -- all rendered with thousands of Post-It ‘pixels’ on an office wall:

According to Birken, the video contains 5,722 frames of animation created using 4,800 Post-It notes, assembled and photographed over a period of 11 months. Anticipating the likely response of dozens of YouTube commenters, Birken admits in the credits that he’s “1 guy with way too much time on his hands.”

Yeah, well, y’know who else had a lot of time on his hands? Michelangelo. You can check out more of Birken's work on his Youtube channel.

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